Sprinter Transmission Remanufacturing Process

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Excessive wear and damage can sometimes necessitate a transmission replacement. If your Freightliner or Dodge Sprinter’s transmission has been damaged beyond standard repair, then it’s time to rebuild or replace it. You can trust that our factory-backed computer diagnostic tools and experience will only recommend major repairs and replacements if they are essential. Our clients keep coming back to us due to our honest, ethical, and courteous treatment of them and their vehicles. We’ve built our business on honestly repairing and replacing transmissions, and we don’t use high-pressure sales pitches to sell you a service you don’t need.

When remanufacturing a transmission, we follow a very thorough process to ensure that your cargo van’s transmission isn’t damaged and is put back together in top shape. We carefully disconnect the automatic transmission from your Freightliner or Dodge Sprinter, and then lower it out of the chassis. Next, we disassemble the transmission. We go over each component with a fine-tooth comb to determine whether the part needs a thorough cleaning or requires a complete replacement. Some parts are typically replaced regardless of their condition in order to ensure the smoothest operation upon rebuild.

After the necessary parts have been cleaned or replaced, your transmission is reassembled from the ground up. In its newly remanufactured condition, you should be able to expect many more miles of reliable service from your remanufactured transmission. Mercedes Benz Sprinter transmissions, by their very nature, are very durable. Designed for stop-and-go traffic, aggressive driving, and heavy loads, they have a very good reputation of reliable day-in-day out service. We also provide exchange Remanufactured Transmissions for installation by your Freightliner or Dodge Sprinter Service center. With our warrantied services, your Sprinter’s transmission will last even longer!

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