Maintaining your Freightliner Sprinter van

The Sprinter is a commercial cargo/panel van manufactured and sold by Freightliner and Mercedes Benz in the United States. It is solely sold by Mercedes Benz in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

The overseas Sprinter comes in four variations. These include the work-centric panel van, the spacious passenger-focused Traveliner variant, a cab-only chassis for attaching custom applications and finally a drop-side truck. Each of the Sprinter cargo vans come available in 3 lengths and several weight variants, to best suite your business's specific needs are. The Sprinter passenger van, the Traveliner, also comes in a fourth length and can accommodate up to 17 people, making it one of the largest passenger vans in the industry.

Domestically, the Sprinter from Freightliner comes in four optional sizes also, but the variations are different from their European counterparts. The cargo van or panel van, for instance, has three different weight capacities with four roof heights, allowing 10 total different height/weight options for the cargo van alone.

The Freightliner Sprinter Crew Van retains a lot of the functionality of the full cargo van, but instead of two front seats followed entirely by cargo space, it has co-opted some of the rear space for a second row of seats. This configuration is optimal for businesses that dispatch crews to work sites, rather than one or two-man teams. While it provides an additional second row for seating, it still manages to maintain impressive features for its category. It includes a tire pressure monitoring system, 26.4 gallon tank, electronic stability control, wood floor, outside temperature information, included tint, front mudflaps, and rear doors that extend 270 degrees. The Sprinter Crew van was specifically designed for hauling tools, equipment, and a five person crew.

The Sprinter Passenger Van is designed to meet the shuttle needs of smaller organizations, whereas the Sprinter Minibus is clearly designed after traditional airport shuttles. The Sprinter Passenger Van was designed to meet the needs of businesses that would be carrying loads of handfuls of people frequently. With space to seat 12, a ceiling height of 6'4", overhead lights, dual front climate control zones, and numerous safety features that work together, the Sprinter Passenger Van has been designed from the ground up for safety and comfort.

Freightliner's Sprinter Minibus is next on the list of available models in the Sprinter lineup. A heavy duty shuttle designed for the rigors of constant, all-day passenger ferrying, the Sprinter Minibus features the most interior space of all of the Sprinter van lineups. It also features several distinctive changes that set it apart from the other two models.

The Minibus comes available from Freightliner with several pre-configured packages, designed for the specific businesses. With a total of 12 different pre-configured load-outs available, the Minibus is designed to best suite airports, hotels, para-transit, and commuter shuttle service's.

Holding up to 18 passengers, the Minibus's interior can be configured a number of ways and comes luxuriously equipped with:wide aisles, spacious seats with supple leather appointments, large windows for passengers on both sides, padded domed ceiling, available flip-down TV, standard safety features, electronic stability control, and a number of other advanced features. If you are fortunate to find yourself in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Minibus, we're sure you'll agree that it's one of the most luxurious ways to get from A to B.

The final option available in the Freightliner Sprinter Van lineup is the Cab Chassis. This variant forgoes the rear cargo/passenger areas in favor of a best-in-class payload capacity of 6,252 pounds and "upfitter friendly" features to enable your business to create exactly the type of vehicle you need. These features include the sturdy, all-steel lightweight frame, flat unobstructed frame rails, and a Freightliner partnership program with trusted upfitters to custom fabricate any type of vehicle your business demands.

The Cab Chassis also features a host of standard features from the other Sprinter vans, including an ergonomically designed cab, standard electronic stability control to help manage road conditions and the Sprinter's distinctive design.

In addition to these great features, the Sprinter Cab chassis features a unique engine configuration, swapping the standard V6 engine for a high performance BlueTEC diesel engine. This diesel engine produces more power with fewer emissions than the standard configuration, while Mercedes Benz' new diesel technology helps it run as quietly as any of the other Sprinter counterparts.

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